Cubs Championship May Depend On Violations

The Cubs could possibly find themselves in the 2015 playoffs but, it will take some violations.

The non/under performers will have to make plenty of violations.  They will have to violate their own past statistics.

ERAs will have to come down, and some will have to check in with career lows.  New career high BAs, and OB% stats will have to be established. 

In other words the Cubs cannot fall victim to past poor statistics.  A very few others will be expected to sustain, and exceed past statistics.

Some players are going to have to play at a higher level they’ve ever played at before.  They will have to surprise everybody.

No minor league mind lapses during a game on an MLB playing field.

They will be surprised at the Cubs upper echelon because, Theo Epstein & Jed Hoyer will have put a championship squad on the field by accident.

With very few exceptions, the Epstein/Hoyer off season acquisition record shows little signs of a statistical victory.

All I can say is; Accidents welcome here!  ….And why not?  What if?


What do you think?

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