This Is A Test

Received email from MLB-tv, and it is time to renew for the new season.

This year, it’s going to be a little different. 

Last year, I had to have a USB-VGA connection between my tv, and computer.  This accounted for losing frames/sec. though it was very watchable.  Had to utilize the Win 8 feature of moving a separate window from the pc to my tv.

As I was reminded of my MLB-tv auto renew coming up, I had to change pmt. info. to facilitate the change.

All ready, and this morning I decided to put some fire in to the ball!  So, I signed in to my account, and brought up the Cubs final contest of the year for 2014 against the Brewers.

This time the log-in to MLB-tv was accomplished on our ROKU 3 box, and what a difference!  No frames/sec loss, and the viewing is great!

Cubs won the game, and Rizzo made it 2-0 after 1 with an hr.  Good prelude for 2015.

As the Cubs came to bat in the 2nd, Derek Jeter came out of the game in Boston, and ended a nothing less than spectacular career.

While I am looking forward to the 2015 season, I will miss Renteria at the helm on the field.  I felt his departure was handled poorly but, Maddon became available putting Cubs management in a tough position.

Credit for doing what arguably had to be done under those circumstances but, Renteria did nothing wrong.

Back to the point.  It looks like a great season coming up on MLB-tv via ROKU 3.  Didn’t realize the picture could get this good!


What do you think?

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