Cactus League Sticklers

Hey, it’s early.  No worries.  That’s what you say when your team doesn’t come out on top early on.

It’s ironic however, because when your team begins strong in first place, you’re more apt to say, this is just the beginning of things to come reasoning out the team is only going up from here.

So, no worries.  It’s early yet.  Long season to go.

Cactus League standings have the Cubs stuck in the familiar territory known as, the cellar.  I’m not worried because it’s early.

The Cubs have a couple of mature veterans, and some other veterans on the top squad.  There are some prospects that will need their best game to put the Cubs on top of their own best game.  There are some new recruits not ready for day to day major league play.  Almost but, not yet.

You have to earn your way to October, and you don’t get there unless the Front Office has done its’ job.

It’s obvious.  They didn’t.  The Front Office is focused on prospects as their best hope.  Prospects ranging from exceptional to average.

Not fair to all concerned.

The fans deserve a major league club in Chicago, now.  The players deserve the best career possible.  Players don’t get the best career possible without reasonable prep time in the minors.  Not fair to the only acquisition of major value, Jon Lester.

The Cubs needed some reasonable veteran support on the bench, and another starter.

Sorry.  No freebies to the Epstein/Hoyer regime.  You don’t get to excuse yourselves from the Major League platform because you’re rebuilding from the bottom.

I have previously tried to be as complimentary as possible to Epstein & Hoyer.  Bottom line:  They haven’t done the job.

I’ve been asked to compare the previous Front Office with this one.  Why?  Neither one has achieved success.  They just have two ways of achieving nothing.

The former Front Office dwellers made no moves at all.  Epstein/Hoyer at least move.  To their credit, the minor league affiliates are stronger than they have been in a long time.

I don’t like being negative but, I cannot also remain authentic without offering what I consider a fan’s constructive criticism.

My opinion still generates around Epstein & Hoyer taking advantage of the best they can be, and at least momentarily shifting focus to the major league club.  I somehow feel if they were to do that, I could back off from my sometimes harsh criticism of them.


What do you think?

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