Psyche Reversal

So all I had to do was seethe an accounting of the Cubs trek in to the familiar cellar.  I succeeded in an intended psyche reversal.

Of course it’s all I wanted to do.  Put the opportunity out there for some proof that I might be wrong, and it worked.

Somebody, somewhere woke up.

With a quick blink of the eye, the Cubs powered by an MLB leading 18 HRs this Spring are starting to prove me wrong.

They are no longer the worst team in the MLB (somebody is,) this Spring as the Cubs have packed their bags.  They have moved out of the cellar.

As soon as I finished with my seething remarks, the Cubs went on a 4 game win streak.  That’s the result I’m looking for!

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t do it, they did.  I was only the catalyst in my own mind.

It’s kind of like being a legend in your own mind, and nobody else sees the legend.  Perhaps in that case no truer words spoken than  ‘….in your own mind.’

Three weeks to the open, and we play for keeps!


What do you think?

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