One Telling Five?

Yesterday was a lot of fun!  You know I wasn’t going to let a Cubs rout of the Rockies get away without at least mentioning 18 runs, 21 hits!  Go Cubs Go!

Today there’s no 21 or 18 to talk about but, 5 is still up for grabs, as the Cubs are holding on to a 2-0 lead over the Royals in the 7th.  That isn’t even the story.

The real story is Mr. Jackson.  Edwin Jackson has obviously seen the light of day, following my advice.  Admittedly he probably hasn’t been listening to me directly but, he’s heard the word, somewhere.

He has once again mixed it up, allowing only one hit in an abbreviated 4.2 inning start.  I’m guessing  abbreviated only because it’s Spring time.  Everybody needs to get some work.  None the less, Jackson looked good for the second outing in a row.

Jackson is an artistic pitcher.  Not a heater.  When he was nothing but heat his pitches were anything but,controlled.  I think Jackson fancied himself as a heater but, gets it now.

Jackson shows his best skill set on the mound when he is creating a mix of pitches, and speeds.  He is an artist, and like many good artists, the work only gets better as the artist creates over time.

Maybe Joe Maddon saw enough to grant Jackson that 5th spot on the Cubs starting rotation.  I’m not sure of that one but, had you given me an opinion on Jackson last season, I was ready for him to go to the bullpen as a warm-up Catcher. 

This year, Jackson deserves a shot at the 5th spot on the starting rotation.  It should be conditional that the artist continues to create. 

Jackson’s ERA is not worthy of the assignment, and if not, Jackson could easily be an efficient middle man.  However, if Jackson continues as is, that ERA will come down faster than gravity could pull it down. 

So, at the time I began writing this the Cubs were leading 2-0.  it is now 7-0 in the 9th.

Maybe that 1 lone hit allowed by, Jackson is all telling of the No. 5 position on the starting rotation.


What do you think?

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