Jackson 6

There are 5 start positions available on the mound with the Cubs, and Travis Wood gets the final open spot.

Edwin Jackson was a viable candidate for the no. 5 position but, instead will be allocated to the bullpen.  Travis Wood is just a little bit more viable.

Jackson has had some rough spots but, the roughest of those spots seem to be behind him, now.  He has yielded to arts, and crafts over heat with a lot of improvement.  So much so, that Jackson will be 6 of the 5.  In less poetic terms it means any of the starting 5 moved from the rotation for whatever reason will be replaced by Jackson.

In the mean time Jackson will be the middle man as needed.

Opening day is an exciting time, and nice family atmosphere for the TV broadcast on Easter Sunday from Wrigley Field.

I’m looking forward to this season because, I expect the Cubs to shake things up this year in the NL Central, and move at least a couple of floors up from the cellar.  Let somebody else fight for the former Cubs home, underground.

I probably won’t get to see the Sunday Cubs TV broadcast on MLB.tv as ESPN may put me on the MLB.tv blackout list.  I do believe however, the local Chicago radio broadcast of the game will be available to me via MLB.tv.

Enjoy the holiday, and welcome to Opening Day 2015.


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