Don’t Panic…..Yet

The Cubs have played the opener at Wrigley Field.  It’s done, and over.

It was a case of jitters, a case of sloppiness, and a case of there is no human playing this game who is not invincible.

Jon Lester exhibited a passable performance at best.  The ESPN broadcast team was quite vociferous on Lester’s reluctance to throw to a base, especially to first to hold a runner.

There were a couple of sloppy plays as the Cubs posted a 3-0 loss to the Cardinals.

It’s done.  Nothing to dwell upon.  We’ve got a whole season ahead.

This is going to be the pivotal season where the Cubs are not going to contend for the top but, they should not be competing for the cellar, either.  If this team can put together a .500 season, I would call it a success.

The outlook is bright, and the Cubs will be looking for the top spot in October MLB play in 2016.


What do you think?

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