Error On

Everybody knows the Cubs have been married to WGN-tv for more years than one can remember.    Especially at my age.  We also know they’ve shared the tv rights as of late but, not with WLS-tv.

That’s how goofed up. They list the Cubs on ABC-7, WLS.  I knew better except for one problem.  The Cubs’ tv rights have changed. 

I started watching, and missing from the opening of Wednesday’s broadcast were Len Kasper and Jim Deshaies.   Who were these other guys?

Len & JD have brought me to a listening comfort zone, and ABC-7 lost them?

I’ve been wrong before.  In example, presuming knew less than I did about the tv schedule.

Only but a few moments passed, and the ABC-7 announcers threw it over to Len & J.D. for Wednesday’s game.

The Chicago Cubs 2015 tv line-up includes WGN, WLS-ABC-7, and CSN.  Talk about mixing up your pitches.

I’m going to conclude, and stop this write before I’m wrong, again.


What do you think?

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