Cubs Help Beat The Cubs Who Lose To The Rockies

Miscues take precedence as the Cubs look a bit unschooled in the art of defense, and the bench decided today wouldn’t be the day they would strong arm a win from the Rockies.

The Rockies made it look simple as they solidified a 5-1 victory.

The Cubs have some road to travel but, I am convinced they do not have to throw an anchor in to the cellar.  A pivotal .500 season is imperative as a stepping stone to post season play in 2016.

Bryant’s arrival to the big league club will help but, as I’ve said many times, it will take a core 8 to make this happen.

I don’t mean to make a rush on the Minors, and bring them all up which by the way, Theo Epstein said he would not do.

We have seen the possibilities when a player graduates from MILB to the MLB too soon.  More errors, and miscues relating to inexperience on the field.

A couple of star veterans who double up as mentors would be the best avenue to travel.  Theo Epstein just isn’t charged that way. 

He trades for veterans sometimes but, just doesn’t seem to be interested in paying the price for a star quality veteran.



What do you think?

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