Momentum Moments

Cubs worked it, Saturday, and pulled equal numbers with the Rockies in the box with 12 hits, and an error.

The inequality was a newly awakened Cubs bench who hammered out a 9-5 win.

On to Sunday the Rockies accumulated 4 errors, and were managing a comfortable 5-3 lead over the Cubs in the 9th.

Last year, that probably would have been the final score.  Not this year.  Last year, the Cubs were victimized by their stats.   They played as their stats dictated.

If that was the case this year, everybody packs up, and leaves the ball park when the Cubs were down 5-3 in the 9thI mean last year, the Cubs roll over, and play dead for a Rockies win.

This year, the Cubs have a momentum transcending stats.  The Cubs are a united, don’t give up the ship, come from behind ball club.  The Cubs are not looking on stats for direction, and merely following through as directed.

Stats for the Cubs are there for reflection but, not direction.  There’s the difference.  A Joe Maddon difference?

Dexter Fowler took that to heart.  In the 9th with the Cubs down 5-4, Fowler slams a 2 outs, 2 strikes, 2 run go-ahead hr to put the Cubs in the driver’s seat 6-5 to the bottom of the 9th.

Where there are Cubs, there will always be drama but, the Cubs contained the Rockies in the 9th.

“Cubs Win!  Holy cow, can you believe it, the Cubs win!”  Who was that?  Nobody said that better.


What do you think?

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