Soler Power At Wrigley

Of all the improvements at Wrigley Field, there is Soler power!  And it works just perfectly at night. 

…And yes, I got here before anybody else to proclaim Soler Power at Wrigley.  Then I go to the Cubs home page, and what do I find?  Soler Power!

I didn’t need help with that.  I was proud of that headline.  Then again, it was so obvious that only a million other writers would come to the same conclusion after Monday’s game between the Reds & Cubs.

I did feel smug for a brief second until I clicked on to the Cubs home page.  A shot of reality to relax my obviously overworked ego.

Jorge Soler unloaded for a 2 hr night on Monday.  One of those shots came in the 9th to tie the game 6-6, and send it to extras.

Cubs down 6-4 against Cincinnati in the 8th, and again this being 2013 or 2014, we would have watched the Cubs retreat to their home in the cellar. 

This is 2015, and the Cubs are on the field to play baseball through the last possible moment so, they left the field after Monday night’s game in first place in the NL Central.  First place!

While this is a game of statistics, the Cubs are using them only as a point of reference to look back on.

Looking forward, the statistics have little meaning to a club with quadruple shots of momentum who win while ignoring any statistics.  After all you have the freedom to create new statistics by, ignoring the existing statistics, and analysts as the Cubs have been doing.

The game went ten innings, and the Cubs were the victors. 7-6.

What do you think?

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