Again? Almost. 

Maybe this Cubs team is motivated most to win when they’re down in the late innings.  Maybe this is something they just enjoy.  It just might be their ‘thing.’

It almost worked, again in Tuesday night’s game against the Reds but, not quite enough as the Cubs were beaten by the Reds, 3-2.

This season is going to be a vast source of fun for Cubs fans.  The Cubs are out to make other clubs squirm as they may habitually relax a bit with late inning leads over the Cubs.

Nobody is used to this.  Not the other teams, and not the fans.  It’s time to readjust.  This Cubs team is not going to be the club it once was. 

You better be ready as the drama will be in question until the last out is literally recorded in every game.

This is the new ‘comeback Cubs’ team that will take an opposing comfortable lead, and choke the very life out of every bit of comfort the opponents have to the very last swing of the bat.

The Reds were holding on to a comfortable 3-0 lead since the 4th inning.  In the 8th the Cubs got 2.

In the Cubs half of the 9th they were pushing for at least extras with 2 men on but, fell short.  The point here is, the Cubs are not going to let go even down to the last out.  Not this year.

What do prior statistics matter anyway when, you’re too busy focusing on creating your own new statistical library?


What do you think?

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