Somebody Has Something Mixed Up Somewhere

A very good number of professional sports analysts have pegged the Chicago Cubs at best as, improved for 2015.  However, every one of them living by statistics also had them pegged as possibly out of the cellar at  best, only one step up from the cellar.

Admittedly, as a fan I looked at statistics as they did, and thought it would be a pivotal season if, the Cubs could end up at .500 in second or third place.  Why?  All logic points to that as a steep goal worth accomplishing.

That isn’t how they see it in the Cubs clubhouse.  The Cubs are naive to that train of thought.  What statistics?  We’ll make new ones.

These guys are not recognizable.  Not as we have been trained to think of the Cubs.

I have much too much ego working my opinions that have somewhat coincided with the pros.  Where has that gotten me?   A Board of Directorship seat with ESPN? 

Been trained then, sucker-punched by, the best! 

You know how in team sports, coaches everywhere are actually limited by the caliber of play the team is capable of?  Good coaches everywhere know team spirit can enhance the expected level of play.

Many of us think of team spirit in a superficial, surface  ‘rah rah, one for all, all for one’ rhetoric.  That’s fine at some level but, that is not the team spirit I speak of.

True team spirit is intuitively shared between individuals of a team.  That’s what the Cubs have exhibited so far this year. 

It is the unspoken desire to perform beyond expectations for the good of the team.  I’ll look at my own stats later as long as I can assist you with your stats. 

This works because all team members feel the same.  That vibration continues like a non-stop boomerang. 

Meet your new, improved, spirited 2015 Chicago Cubs!

Last night was no exception as the Cubs battled the Reds for sole possession of first place in the NL Central.  They pushed the Reds to third behind St. Louis now holding on to the second spot in the NL Central.

Travis Wood started, and went 7 plus innings allowing no runs, and improving an already below 3.00 ERA.  Rizzo ran 4×90/1.

Wednesday’s contest belonged solely to the Cubs with a solid 5-0 win.  All the details of the contest are available on the official home for the Cubs.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Jackie Robinson day all across the Major Leagues where everybody wore No. 42 in tribute to Robinson.

Not only was Robinson a solid player but, no less a man who stood in the face of hostility everywhere, and won a crowd over to his side.

Imagine players who wanted to be traded, fans who would boo at Robinson.  Imagine hotels refusing accommodations to a traveling Brooklyn Dodgers ball club because Robinson had dark skin.

I cannot help but interject that many very small, feeble minds  spent a lot of time resisting, and harassing Robinson.

Jackie Robinson made it possible for us to witness the likes of Willie Mays, and Henry Aaron among so many other talented players in Major League Baseball.


What do you think?

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