He’s Here……

Kris Bryant has joined the Cubs for today’s game at Wrigley Field against San Diego.

Theo Epstein said, ‘He’s joined the club a bit earlier than planned but, with the injury to Olt, the time is now. 

Kris Bryant will rekindle relationships with the MLB club, after a very successful Cactus League stint this past Spring, and a few games of the 2015 season in the Minors at Iowa getting ready for the call up .

Real expectations?  Well, we can cite a game where he went 0 for 5 or, we can cite his overall performance knowing full well Kris Bryant will be a powerhouse. 

He made his first appearance at the plate  for Chicago at Wrigley with a strikeout, and went hitless for his Wrigley debut.  Bryant figured in with some positive defensive results.

With or, without Bryant the Cubs are treading over new trails this season, only a half game out of first in the NL – Central.  Milwaukee is brewing in the cellar for now.

San Diego beat the Cubs by 1 on Friday,  5-4.  Get the details on the
Cubs home page.


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