All For The Glove of the Game

Jon Lester had a decent outing but, it wasn’t sharp.  Not Lester sharp. 

Lester was not beyond doing whatever it took to record a San Diego out as he traded his glove for an out.

Lester surrendered his glove, and  did so willingly on a comebacker. 

With the ball stuck in the webbing of the glove, Lester swiftly removed the glove, and tossed it with the ball remaining snug in the webbing to Rizzo at first to record the out. Rizzo had quickly removed his own glove in an almost simultaneous coordinated effort to keep his own glove from interfering. 

An effort like that deserves something but, one thing for sure it would not be a win.

The bullpen was once again in the thick of things but, could not hold back an impressive offense by the Padres posting some runs to the Lester ledger.

In a losing effort, the Cubs sent runners to the base paths in the 9th.  Unfortunately, the comeback effort in the 9th would yield nothing in the run column, though a gallant effort under some rain in Chicago.

The final was 5-2, San Diego.  As always you can score the details on the Cubs MLB home page.


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