What A Difference A Day Makes

Kris Bryant was suppose to open for the Cubs on the road according to Theo Epstein but, Epstein had injuries on the MLB club to deal with, including third baseman, Mike Olt.

So the kid who blew out the Cactus League, this year with a better than .400 ba, and an MLB leading 9 hrs got an earlier than expected call.

Factor in, the business of baseball meaning the Cubs will have an extra season of control over Bryant’s contract due to his entry date to the MLB, and it seems like it works out well.

Upon Friday’s entry for Bryant, he looked like an over anxious rookie at the plate willing to chase anything thrown by, the opposing pitcher.

Bryant had a couple of handicaps, if you will. First, an intro in front of the home crowd who couldn’t help but have the highest of expectations, and Bryant was trying to live up to a batting record speaking for itself.

Now it’s Saturday, and considering the start, San Diego’s battery throws some bait to Bryant in the 1st. Unlike yesterday, Bryant appeared as a mature, disciplined hitter, laying off of anything suspect. The result was his first MLB on base appearance with a walk.

The crowd at Wrigley was very supportive of Bryant. There seems to be an intuitive support system built in to the fans at Wrigley for Bryant. 

Bryant would finally get his first MLB hit with a single dotted with an instrumental RBI.

Kyle Hendricks gave up an immediate two runs in the 1st to San Diego in Saturday’s game.

Hendricks caught on stride after the 1st inning miscues as the Padres led 2-0 which would stand through 4. In the 5th, the Cubs would tie it up at 2. By the time we would roll to the 8th, the Cubs had a commanding 6-2 lead.

Miguel Montero had a pair of all-arounds to rock the rafters at Wrigley.

However, as I’ve mentioned on several occasions; Where there are Cubs there is, drama.

The Cubs bullpen was bamboozled by, a bonus barrage of batted balls, and all of the sudden we had a 6-6 game after 9.

You will note in years prior, the Cubs would be crushed with the evaporation of a lead like that, and in years prior no rabbit out of the bag.

The Cubs would finally pull that rabbit out of the bag in the 11th, and come out on top, 7-6. Check out where that rabbit came from, and all the details of Saturday’s Cubs victory on the Cubs home page.

Today would be a big turn around for Kris Bryant as he settled in for a major league career. He was like two different players. Yesterday, in the role of the over anxious, impatient rookie. Today, a patient, mature Major League player.



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