Pirates, Cubs Not From Forbes

Hello Pittsburgh.  And I almost wrote, ‘from Forbes Field.’  Forbes Field?????  Gads, the Pirates haven’t called that home since 1970.

The Pirates played their 1st game at Forbes Field against the Cubs in 1909, and played there for the final time in 1970 against the Cubs.

Well okay then.  Shows my age but, I am much closer to the closing date of 1970, and nobody would have even known my parents to exist for the 1909 opening.

So, anyway we  will brush past the Monday’s Cubs 5-2 win at PNC Park in Pittsburgh. The details are on the Cubs Home Page.  You’ve got to read those details with accompanying videos as Bryant sends 3 home for the win.

Starlin Castro rips a new one as he has a multi-hit night in Pittsburgh, and Addison Russell is up to the bigs from Iowa, batting 9th for the Cubs as play commences, not at Forbes Field in Pittsburgh on Tuesday night.

I am not a happy traveler as the Cubs are down by 2 in the 9th.  My thoughts revert to a pre-Joe Maddon led club.  For one moment in time. I admit to losing it all.  Past memories race through my head.

The Cubs are down to the final 3 outs but, this is 2015.  Nobody quits in the 9th.  Not the Cubs, not this year, and not while Joe Maddon leads the club.

The Cubs didn’t disappoint.  3 in the 9th!!  However there would be a bottom of the 9th for the Pirates.  While the bullpen has been a little shaky they hold the Pirates to a 3 batter, 3 out – 9th.

Cubs hold on for a 9-8 win, and here’s how the Cubs explain it….not from Forbes Field.

What do you think?

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