It’s Magic!

I take a hiatus, and what happens?  The Cubs take it to heart, and go on hiatus with me mounting up a pair of losses in Pittsburgh.

Time for a reboot. 

You know how the Cubs hitters have been really patient at the plate?  It has been true like no season in the recent past.

I’m noticing the patience seems to be wearing a little thin on some hitters.  I’d venture to say, Jorge Soler is having a little bit of a problem in that area.

In Friday’s contest in Cincinnati with the Reds, Soler looked a little over anxious, and paid for it a couple of times.

By the way as an aside, I’m fully aware they’re not playing in Crosley Field.  How old do you think I am, anyway?  Don’t answer that.

3-2 Cincinnati in the 6th but, Rizzo got his pitch, and promptly sent it out for a wrap around to tie.

Lester was above a 100 pitch count before leaving the game, and struck out 10.  You have to give him credit for a good outing.

Yes, I should be giving Lester high marks on this one because, it would be well deserved. 

So, what is it I want from Lester as a Cubs fan?  I guess I’m looking for Lester to be to the Cubs as Verlander is to the Tigers or, Bumgarner is to the Giants.  When you think about it, not fair but, I can’t help but think in that direction.

After 7, it was 3-3 with the bullpens in for both sides.   The Cubs have so far not gotten a great performance from the bullpen as a group.

In the 8th, there’s trouble in paradise.  Two on, nobody out for Cincinnati.  And then, there was one on with two out.  Just like that, a double play.  Rosscup comes in for a final K, and puts the lid on a potential go ahead situation for the Reds.

To the 9th, and it’s 3-3.  Rizzo leads off for the Cubs, and let’s see if these ‘magicians’ will pull out another W at the last minute.   It’s not as if the Cubs were not looking to go ahead in the 9th but, the only hope now is extras.

My thoughts are pushed to the shaky bullpen situation.  Rosscup will pitch the 9th as the Reds take their last swings in regular time.  The Reds get nothing, and for a fleeting moment, all is forgiven with the bullpen.

Rosscup did his job well but, he’s due for an AB in the 10th so, I’m rather certain he’s served his time for this game.

I have no more nails to bite as of course there are Cubs so, there’s drama in the Reds half of the 10th inning threatening to put this away.  Two out, three on as Motte is on the mound for the Cubs. 

Imagine the sweat.  Not Motte’s!  I’m talking about my own.  What were you thinking?  I told you, I don’t have any more nails to bite.

My mind races through previous years but, it truly is 2015.  It is different, and suffice it to say we will get to the 11th.

Learn how this one finishes up with details from the Cubs Home Page.


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