Who Are These People?

Cubs win………..again.  From the GAP in Cincinnati, the Cubs get a 5-2 win over the Reds on Sunday after a Saturday rain-out.  Check out this club’s run production on the Cubs Home Page as you run through some details on yesterday’s game.

This Cubs team has the Cubs President of Baseball Operations Theo Epstein’s  thumb print all over it.  That is his thumb print, and the Cubs are playing baseball as they have been so, accolades must be sent in his direction.

As I recently wrote, ‘if the Cubs win this year no credit goes to the Front Office;’ I was simply, wrong.

I must admit, I was not a happy camper as Theo traded away some of the veterans, and got little to nothing for them.  I still think he could have gotten more but, at the same time, this is how it all comes out of the wash.

I have always given Epstein credit for loading up the minor league affiliates with talent they haven’t seen in many past tenses as the MLB Cubs would roll over, and play dead…..for several seasons.

That was my objection, season after season.  Each year the MLB club was virtually ignored in favor of loading up the MILB affiliates.  The rebuilding didn’t have to stop at the MILB level during that time but, that was then, and this is now!

Epstein meticulously planned this out knowing the MILB talent was on the verge of being ready for the MLB.  He obviously envisioned this bright future.  Maybe not even this soon but he is at the forefront, none the less.

I suppose you might consider that as a fan just maybe I had a limited vision, and arrived at a limited negative opinion on Epstein.  No more, no less than an average fan may have without an inside track. 

I do own up to that opinion at the time I exercised the opinion, and stand by it today.  I still think there’s more he could have done along the way for the MLB Club.

 It is no longer ‘then.’  It’s now.  I can’t help but have all kinds of admiration for this new Cubs team and the man behind it all, Theo Epstein.

No.  That didn’t hurt……


What do you think?

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