Bucs Look For Easy Push and Get Pushed

Well, welll, wellllllll.  After the Cubs visit to Pittsburgh, it is possible the Pirates had an attitude about these new Cubs. 

Maybe, a push-over like the old Cubs. 

It’s no longer that kind of ball club.  Don’t count on 2 wins out of three, and don’t be surprised one bit if this new Cubs team sweeps the floor with you.

The Cubs visit to Pittsburgh earlier this month was far from a push-over as the two teams split a four game series.

Tonight, the Cubs & Pirates get set for game 3 of this 3 game series at Wrigley Field, and the Cubs will be looking to sweep.

This Cubs team is like no other in recent history. They are outperforming all the critics, and fans who rightly thought this would be a pivotal season. 

Admittedly, I was looking at stats, and in line with many analysts.

I’ve learned not to depend on history if, there’s a new history being created.

Who thought the Cubs top MILB talent would mature this quickly? 

Even Theo Epstein urged fans to be patient.  Epstein was also expecting a pivotal year and, at one time cited 2016 as the big contending season.

The only one prominent in vociferously predicting this new Cubs team for 2015 was Anthony Rizzo. 

From the outset he proclaimed nobody had any idea of the vibe through the clubhouse in 2015.  With that, Rizzo said this Cubs team was the one that would be contending. 

At this point, anybody want to argue the point? 

Didn’t think so.


What do you think?

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