Allergy Season Has Begun

It’s just allergies.  I have been told best cure is a little exposure for eventual immunity.

The Cubs are just experiencing allergies to the Brewers.  Keep your Cubs hats on!

At the core, the Cubs have a winner!  It’s just that a few other teams seem to have that same problem.  So, you see…this season is going to be a winner for all of Major League Baseball.

My thesis in tact; Everybody’s allergic to everybody else, and competition will be more fierce than it has been in several years throughout the Major League.

It won’t be a surprise to me if the top 3 teams in each division become separated by no more than a couple of games with the others trailing close when it’s all over.  Maybe I’m overstating the bottom two to embellish my point but, you do get my point, right?

None the less, a little closer to home, indeed the Brewers twisted the Cubs in to a lopsided loss on Saturday.  It’s okay.  That was yesterday, and when you’re a winner at the core, you just go out and win the next one.

Kris Bryant popped his first HR in yesterday’s game.  Kaboom-boom.  I mean the hr was a known factor at the crack of the bat as it made an echo with added amplified bass! 

When Bryant touched home he, was ready for kudos from his contemporaries in the dugout but, they emptied the dugout running through the tunnel leading to the clubhouse. 

Bryant was not going to not get recognized by his teammates for his first MLB career HR, and took off chasing them through the tunnel.

The Cubs have more details on yesterday’s activities right here on their official home page.

Don’t forget to wish a mother, happy Mother’s Day.


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