Bearish On The Bulls

I know, I know, this is not Wall Street but,  there are a lot of Bears struggling in the bullpen for the Cubs.

The Little Bears in the bullpen always have my attention.  Don’t ever know if they’re up or, down.  When they’re up they really are up but, so far this year the Cubs bulls have been almost dependable.  They make me nervous.

Starters need to groove out some complete games.  They’re pretty decent but, need some work to be in the total groove.  Complete games, with a couple under 3.00 ERAs, and the Cubs would be having everybody for lunch.

Today, the Cubs host the Pirates after 4 big wins over the highly touted New York Mets.

Rondon is pitching the 9th inning with the Cubs leading the Pirates 10-9.  Rondon is looking like he is in the groove with 1-2 punch outs but, he’s got 2 on with 2 out.  And gives me reason to understand why, I get so nervous over the pen as the Pirates have tied the game 10-10.

The Cubs had a 10-5 lead at one time in this game.  See what I mean about pitching?  Has nothing to do with the bench.  These guys are hitting, and doing a good job so far.

Jon Lester needs to get in to a consistent groove.  He’s just not there yet though,on the verge of sharpness last time out.

For now.  Sadly, I remain, Bearish on the Bulls in the pen.


What do you think?

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