Cubs To Stage West Coast Come Back Tuesday!

Here we go to the 8th with the Cubs down by 3.  Last year, time to shut down the tv, and move on with the day.  Not so much this year, though today it has been somewhat quiet.

None the less, the Cubs are down 3-0 but, begin the 8th with a double.  This is why I stay to the very last out of every game this year.  The Cubs are always in the game until there’s no more game.  So, I’ll be hanging in there through the 9th as the Cubs try to scramble back.

In the 9th, the Cubs pushed it but, not far enough as nobody come across, the Pirates beat the Cubs, 3-0, and the win streak ends at 6.

Bryant had to come out of the game early just feeling ‘under the weather.’

The Cubs get out of Chicago for a road trip out to the west coast where they open up in San Diego with the Padres on Tuesday.

A re-cap of this home stand where the Cubs achieved a 6 game winning streak is available on the Cubs Home Page on MLB.

What do you think?

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