There’s A New Message Here, Somewhere

In the not to distant past, major league baseball clubs celebrated the ‘break’ in their schedule allowing them a game set with the Cubs.

There’s an obvious new message.  This Cubs club is not that ‘break’ in the schedule.  Not any more. 

The new message.  Be very prepared because this Cubs club is ready to do major league damage if, you’re not in the game….for that matter, even if you are in the game.

Last night’s performance by, Kyle Hendricks with a complete game, allowing just five scattered hits, seven strikeouts, and no Padres home backs today’s message.  There was no break here in San Diego on Thursday.

Kris Bryant had the Padres paying a little closer attention as he unloaded a two run four bagger in the first, and Addison Russel put another one over the wall before the night came to a close.

Cubs & Diamondbacks engage in a new contest Friday evening from Phoenix

Details of Thursday’s contest, and a preview of Friday’s game with
Jon Lester scheduled to start available from the Cubs home page.


What do you think?

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