P, P & P

Past, Present, and Potential. All part of the game of Baseball.

The Coaching staff strategy visit to the mound did not show up as it might have done in a timely manner.

The potential to lose the game, last night in Arizona was by, pitching to Paul Goldschmidt in the 10th. No, not hindsight. This was my thinking as I watched the game. The potential to hit it out could become a cruel reality, and sure enough my worst fear played out in front of me.

The HR that tied the game was unleashed, and all of the sudden instead of a 4-2 victory in regulation by the Cubs we had a 4-4 tie.

Most Cubs fans know the final outcome already. 5-4 Dbacks in extras.

I have to pin this loss on the Cubs strategy or, lack of it in the 10th.

The re-cap as always on the Cubs Home Page.

An aside to the game was a ‘Cubs Stink’ sign being proudly displayed in most tv camera shots behind the plate by a grown man who is obviously a Dbacks fan but, thought he might have regressed to pre-little league level where the most mature conversation is more at that level.

Remember the ‘pride’ that welled up at about the age of 5 when, you could scream out, ‘You stink!?’  Hey, back then it was everything!


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