It’s one of the biggies you don’t say in a polite protocol.  The baseball broadcast is part of ‘the polite protocol.’

Len & J.D. were telecasting as usual.  Anthony Rizzo unloads a 9th inning 3 run homerun, breaks up a 6-6 ball game, and the Cubs beat Arizona 9-6 on Saturday night.

Shortly thereafter, the protocol of politeness was shaken as someone blurted out…..dare I say….’dammit!’

I forgot whether it was Len or, J.D. who had no choice but to address the broken protocol but, one of them said, ‘Don’t know what that was…..’  Concluding with possibly a disgruntled player, and an alarm clock.

Well, I found that hilarious because, that kind of outburst does not enter a baseball broadcast.  The hilarity was within that context, it was so profoundly, vociferously embedded in the live broadcast that there was no choice but, to address it.

Of course they knew what it was.  They knew exactly what it was but, the persona of the position of baseball broadcaster prevents them from having prior knowledge of that kind of outburst. 

The Cubs broadcasters, at least one of them, Len or J.D. at one time…..sometime in their lives have heard or, even spoken the words, ‘dammit.’  Position however prevents prior knowledge of these words.

Dammit!  I forgot to acknowledge Anthony Rizzo for not only the 9th inning HR but, 6 RBIs.

Details of Saturday’s 9-6 victory on the Cubs Home Page along with the Sunday meeting setup.

Sorry.  I might have violated protocol here but dammit, this was amusing.


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