Here; Have Another

The Cubs bullpen is a welcome sight for any team opposing the Cubs.  You know, as long as we are going to maintain a polite protocol, a few thank yous might be in order.

The Nationals were about ready to bring it home 2-1 as the Cubs bullpen was about to give another ball game away.  The ESPN broadcasters were speculating that minus the Cubs bullpen, the Cubs might be in 1st place right now.

This was a tight game where the Cubs were enjoying the 1-0 lead through the 7th in the game with the Fowler lead-off HR in the 1st.

Kyle Hendricks looked good on the start but, would later have to yield to the bullpen to finish.

At the end of 7, the game was locked 1-1.  2-1 Nationals by the top of the 8th but, Cubs hitters evidently were not about to fall victim to the bullpen inadequacies.

Cubs hitters, tied it 2-2 in the 8th, and Addison Russell put a cap on it in the 9th with the long ball for extra bases, and the game winning RBI. 

More details  of the game are on the Cubs Home Page.

What do you think?

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