Quit The Bull, And Take Out The Pen

It’s time to take a good look at the kids in the pen at AAA.  Time to see just how close they are in their development.

It’s time for that pen to take the bull out of this pen.  It isn’t working. 

Enough so some ESPN telecasters were pondering just how much further along the Cubs might be with a better bullpen.

Drastic moves within the pen, and these Cubs are contending?  Maybe.  The offense has been doing their part most of the time.

If there’s not a plug in the Pen very soon, the Cubs might be finding themselves closer to more familiar surroundings in the standings.

Theo Epstein’s move, and it needs to be sooner than later.  It may take more than a trade.  Maybe a pen in hand to check – in a new Pen.



  1. Compwhiz 3001

    Yeah this is the moment Theo gets to earn his big bucks. The bullpen is clearly the weakest link and time is quickly running out in this season. Because if they wait until July to make trades, both the Cardinals and a wildcard spot may be practically too far out of reach.

    It’s got to be a combo of harnessing a bit that alleged best farm system and one or two key trades.


    • Thanks for the comment. You have eloquently stated my position in fewer words than I did, and hope Theo is up to the task at hand.


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