Wada Liquidated In Fourth

The Cubs & Nationals have been dueling in Washington.  

Friday’s game gave a little more insight in to Cubs pitching.  It is inconsistent.  Game to game. 

Tsuyoshi Wada has been fairly good by statistics but, like all Cubs pitching….inconsistently good.  That’s not enough for post-season October competition.

Anthony Rizzo had two HRs on Friday evening but, it goes only as far as a loss for the Cubs. 

The Cubs are almost ready for post season play but, I think this occurs next season.  In order to get there, it is going to take some consistency. 

The Cubs may yet somehow arrive this year via the Wild Card but, I was happy to call this a good season if, the Cubs could reach .500.  That would be a good pivotal season.  The Cubs are outperforming!

If rabbits are coming out of a hat,and cats out of a bag this year, I must reiterate for Theo Epstein to make some appropriate but, immediate pitching moves.

There’s a box, and more details of Friday’s Nationals-Cubs contest on the
Cubs Home Page.


What do you think?

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