Walking On Water

Junior Lake hit a homerun in Miami a couple of games ago, and did some showboating to celebrate.  A purposeful flip of the bat,  Then, he floated around the bases with a dance in half time.

I’m not so sure the entire incident was not a combination of influences including a momentary memory lapse, naivete, and lack of  Major League experience. 

Lake got a little full of himself, and I would guess there was a little too much water seeping in to his senses.

There are unwritten rules of protocol in this game.  A competitive but, common respect for those on the same playing field. 

You get an HR in this game, you get to trot around all four for a job well done.  With respect to the opposing pitcher, and his entire team you do not do anything but take the honorary trot in real time. 

This is not Kindergarten where the conversation may go in to a ‘ha-ha, I beat you in the game.’

As we get older, we realize it is not always words that portray the attitude.  We’ve all heard, ‘Actions speak louder than words.’

Lake didn’t have to say anything.  His actions echoed the, ‘Ha ha, I beat you.’

Showboating like that makes you a kid all over, again.  I have to say it makes you a kid again in the worst possible way.

In the entire scheme of the MLB platform, Lake is a kid with minimum experience in the bigs.  At the same time, this is a common sense protocol in Major League Baseball.  A violation is inexcusable.

You can be proud of your accomplishments but, you don’t have to demonstrate that pride at the expense of someone else.

Giving Lake the benefit of the doubt, I am confident he is now cognizant of this protocol, and expect he has grown from this event. 

I expect he will be very respectful of the players on the field, and continue to develop with humility.

Time to forgive…..forget. 

I am confident, Lake will be an asset to the game wherever he might be in the Major League.

As a follow-up, it will be interesting on another visit to Miami as to whether the Mariners, and their fans are not not too full of themselves that they don’t allow the other side of the coin to be flipped. 

How many in Florida will allow for the very real possibility Junior Lake has learned a lesson, and because of that he will one day be teaching another Major League Player the same lesson? Preferably preventing that other player from making the same error before an occurrence.

I hope all parties concerned are ready…..for the good of the game.


What do you think?

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