Mantle & Maris

Maybe we’re witnessing a re-working of that  Mickey Mantle & Roger Maris batting duo of the1960s Yankees.  You, and I are here for the beginning in Chicago.

It is a pleasant reminder of good baseball that’s fun to watch. 

Anthony Rizzo & Kris Bryant.  They are disciplined hitters with plenty of power, and both are still developing in to their prime though Rizzo has a slight edge with MLB experience.

Some day, a new common reference for excellence in hitting by a duo in one line-up will be Rizzo, & Bryant. 

Not too many remember watching Mantle & Maris as it is a distant memory.

The Yankees were a dynasty back then.  As a forgone conclusion for many years, the Spring Time question was always, ‘I wonder who the Yankees are going to play in the World Series this year?’

Mantle & Maris were two reasons for that dynasty.  Whitey Ford was one of their pitchers, and Yogi Berra was behind the plate.

To quote Berra; ‘Maybe this is deja-vu all over again…..’


What do you think?

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