Lester We Forget

Jon Lester cannot quite find the Jon Lester groove. 

His combined Boston-Oakland ERA in 2014 was 2.46.  He was involved in 32 games so, it’s enough of a sampling to go for a stat reading with 219.2 IP, and with all of that, just one CG.

However, I must admit I jumped on the bandwagon, and was all for obtaining him.

My plans for him would have been to shave at minimum that .46 from his ERA, and push for more complete games.  Look at the Cubs Bullpen.  I’m not so sure the Cubs don’t need some work on their starting rotation as well.

As it is, even with the offense the Cubs have had, it has not been groovy! 

Lester’s ERA is in 4+ territory, and his last outing was less than stunning against Detroit.  Lester’s overall MLB ERA is 3.61, and it was only in 2014 that his stats had been better than average.

When I was growing up watching baseball, Sandy Koufax was my icon of admiration.

He basically had just two pitches.  Koufax had a fastball, a kind of fastball, a little less fast fastball, a medium fastball, a slower fastball.  That describes his fastball.

The should have been ‘patented’ Koufax curve had varying degrees of speed as well.  The arc was amazing.   Anywhere he wanted it from 30 degrees to 120 degrees, and then some or, so it seemed.

Not to get off subject but, when do the Major Leagues get another Sandy Koufax, Bob Gibson, Mickey Mantle, Henry Aaron, Stan Musial, Willie Mays, Ted Williams? 

When do we get that consistent level of play, again? 

Shouldn’t a Major League Ballplayer have to gain stats like they had to be considered great ball players?

It may not be fair to today’s players.  Maybe the standard has come down a bit. 

We’ve had glimpses of greatness but, look at the career stats for each of those players from the 1960s.

The Cubs were put down in a 6-0 shutout in the first of 2 with the Tigers in Detroit. 

Jake Arietta did fairly well as the starter in Wednesday’s shellacking of the Tigers as the Cubs unloaded 12 runs on 15 hits in a 12-3 victory.

Arietta was able to go 6 strong innings in the 2nd game with Detroit, and I would say he’s the best the  Cubs have representing the starting rotation.

You can always go home to the Cubs as the Cubs come back home to Wrigley Field vs. the Reds.


What do you think?

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