Quiet Time

All is quiet, very quiet…..too quiet.

Cubs pitching is not doing much but, that’s been the drag from opening day.  Right now it seems the Cubs’ bats are in to a time out.  Enough so to drop the first 2 games with the Cardinals.

Have some players become complacent?

It’s all gone quiet.  So.  This is where the Front Office strategy to obtain Joe Maddon as Cubs Manager shows up as a positive disruption to counteract the quiet.  This is one of those times when, it is up to a talented Manager to light the fire.  That’s the easy part but, when the fire’s lit, then what?

The Manager who knows how to keep the fire lit but is able to keep it under control is key.  Many Managers know how to light a fire but, Maddon must become the exception this time.  Keep it lit, and keep it under control.

Have I been right with my assertion that some of the newer players from AAA  were not given enough development time for the major league over an entire season? 

Is it complacency?  Is it a combination?  None of the above?  Just traffic slowing down for the moment?

Regardless of why, it’s time for Joe Maddon to issue a wake-up call.



  1. Compwhiz 3001

    Regarding players not given enough time at AAA, if you are referring to Starlin Casro, I may tend to agree. :/


    • Castro may be one. When he’s in the game he’s there but, his head sometimes leaves the game. At those times, we’ve seen the sloppiness.

      Overall, I question how many of the AAA players are ready for a 162 game season at this level? Are they just running out of steam because they’e not ready?

      It has been great watching Bryant but, is his season done? How would it have been having him show up for the first time at the MLB level in 2016? Lake was another. One more year at AAA, and he’s a monster at the plate.

      I just think the AAA players might have needed more time for conditioning for play at this level of grueling competition for this entire season.


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