Baseball has many facets to a successful game.  It is indeed a running game as well.

You don’t just run.  You have to run at the crack of a bat on the ball, and the faster, the better.  It is a craft that not everyone can master, and part of that is just natural attributes.

So, when running you can’t lose any ground or, you’ll lose the battle for the base.

Anthony Rizzo took this craft, and made art out of it.  The play was close as the ball got there first and, you know how it is when a runner slides.  One leg outstretched to reach the bag before a tag can be made. 

Rizzo had it right by doing just that but, just as the tag would be applied to that outstretched leg he, recoiled, and tucked the foot back under his own body reaching safely with the other leg.

Rizzo demonstrated the art to the craft of running.

A video of Wednesday’s base running artistry along with more details from last night’s game with the Mets in New York where the Cubs pulled out a 2-0 victory in 11 innings is available on the MLB Home Page

As an aside to everything else, I have to mention the Cubs Bullpen.  They have been on top of their game but, remember that consistency factor I continue to mention? 

The Cubs need to get pitching, hitting, and defense in sync,…..together….once that occurs consistently, I would suggest this club will be a contending dynasty.


What do you think?

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