The Cubs bench is on a seventh inning stretch as run production is running low, and the Bullpen has now become effective in holding the opposition back.

The hitter’s stretch seems to be the determining factor as the Cubs begin to lose some ground in the w-l column.

Jason Hammel had a very good starting appearance but, with run production for the Cubs taking an loa for the moment, it wasn’t enough.

Friday’s game was uneventful at Wrigley Field in a 2-1 loss to the Marlins.

The game had nothing to offer outside of the typical latest style of play, and outlined as usual on the Cubs Home Page.

There was one stretch worth coming to the ball park for  today as Cubs management was going to pull off the impossible during the seventh inning stretch.

the seventh inning stretch as patented by, Harry Caray was about to become surreal. Cubs management would do the impossible.

They would once again have Harry Caray lead the 7th inning stretch. Cubs management did pull off the impossible for one great Wrigley Field moment.

Bring back the deceased famed popular Cubs broadcaster Harry Caray? They can do that? Did I miss a tech development moment?

Harry led the crowd with ‘Take Me Out To The Ball Game’ one more time! Harry Caray came alive on the bleacher video scoreboard as only he could do, and brought out a major response from the fans at Wrigley Field.

Many still remember the fun while Harry talked baseball with us for the last time in 1997. Harry Caray died from health complications in February of 1998.

Len & J.D. on the Cubs tv broadcast referred to Caray somewhere high above Wrigley Field. The tv director took to the cue, getting a camera shot skyward, and down representing a picturesque view above Wrigley Field. Kudos to the entire tv crew!

So, even with a loss on the field, Cubs management pulled off the perfect stretch!


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