Ain’t Life Grand?

The Cubs made it a grand 4th of July as Kris Bryant slammed a homerun in the 1st inning.

Not good enough.  Second inning, Bryant’s up with the bases full, and slams another one out, and made it 4 more on the 4th.  6 RBIs for Bryant after 2 innings of work.

By the time we reached the 3rd inning, all the damage that would be done, was done.  The Cubs had it won after 2, 7-1 although the Marlins would score 1 more time for a final score of 7-2.

Clayton Richard made his Cubs debut on the mound, and did okay but, there was a lot of wood on the ball.  He looked as if he was serving up pitches to shorten the stroke of the bats.  It seemed to work as he kept the Marlins inside the park with several come backers.

My reference to pitching goes back to younger days with Sandy Koufax.  He used to do the same thing.  He would serve up pitches hitters couldn’t hit too far.  He attributes his success at least partially, to allowing the hitters to hit but, most of the time it was on his terms.  That meant more often than not, they hit for an out.

Richard leaves me with that impression.  Barring complications from surgery, Richard could become a very good pitcher though, this was not a bad outing at all.

All the details on the Cubs July 4th win over the Marlins from the
Cubs Home Page


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