Best Bullpen In The Major League

What city does the best Bullpen in the Majors emanate?

Since May 23rd through now that Bullpen has come up with a 1.52 ERA. They are the best in Major League Baseball, right now.

St. Louis! Got it!

Wrong! …and the team has no grounding at Yankee Stadium, either.

That Bullpen is in Chicago, and I’m not talking about the South side.

The Northsiders at Wrigley Field is the Bullpen in focus. The best in the Major League.

If the bats are going to take an loa, better have pitching to hold them. So the bats went somewhat quiet again as the Cubs got only 3 hits on Sunday but, starting pitcher Kyle Hendricks got the W, and  pitched extremely well.

Jason Motte got the save.

The Cubs cashed in 2 of those 3 hits.  More of today’s game comes to you from the Cubs Official Web Site.

P.S.  It was only just over a month ago the same Bullpen seemed to be from another planet with a target of who could shatter the most nerves of the most Cubs Fans.


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