My Cup Runneth Over To The South

Jon Lester went back to a shorter wind-up that looks more like a stretch, and promptly gave up 2 runs to the Sox in the 1st during Saturday’s contest for the Cross Town Cup between the Cubs, and White Sox.

Last time Lester made an appearance, I recall a more highly emphasized wind-up from the top, and a better outing for him.  Don’t know that I can definitely pin a better performance because of that wind-up but, I thought the groove might have been met for Lester.

Today’s outing tells me the Lester groove is yet to be achieved if it’s going to be achieved at all.  Don’t misunderstand.  Lester has looked good.  Look at the stats.  He’s had low run/low hit games as he should  but, hasn’t looked like a multi-million dollar bonus pitcher.  That said, Lester’s gotten little bench support.

Lester was good through 6 today but, really showed a little bit of slowing down after 100 pitches pitched through the 7th.  4 ERs, 8 SO, O Ws.

Looking at the kids, I do believe they’ve been progressing well but, for some; They should have been left behind in AAA for development.  They are capable, and in some cases more development gets them in every game strategically at the MLB level for the duration of an entire season.

Some of this is hind sight, and since the future does look bright there’s no sense in dwelling on should have, could have.

The Cubs are well above .500, and have an avenue for October post season play open to them.

Trust me!  The ‘Cup’ will find its’ way back North.!


What do you think?

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