This Really Sox

Chicago comes to Chicago and sox it to Chicago.

The Crosstown Cup competition continues as the White Sox beat the Cubbies 1-0 in Friday’s game at Wrigley Field.  It all gets done because there was a sac- fly scoring one.

The Cubs were limited to just 3 hits.  Hendricks had a good start, and long gone before the late inning sac-fly. 

Alluding to his success pitching scoreless innings, Hendricks put out a little Koufaxism saying, ‘I let them get themselves out.’  Sandy Koufax saying years earlier, ‘I pitch to let them hit the ball.’

For the record, Hendricks has pitched 22+ innings in a row of scoreless ball.  There’s more from the Official Cubs Home Page.

The Cubs offense on Friday was not offensive with its’ lack of presence or, it was very offensive depending on your interpretation of the word.

Saturday’s game features Jon Lester as the starting pitcher for the Northsiders.

Last time out, Lester was very impressive.  It seemed his wind-up was stretched back a bit more, enabling a fuller wind-up before the release.  At least that’s how I saw it.  Seemed he had the best control of the baseball that I had seen so far.  Let’s see if I get that same impression, today.


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