This One Goes Deep

Jon Lester went deep in to this game, yielding only 1 hit to the Atlanta Braves.  What a performance by, Jon Lester!

In fact Lester had a 1 hitter going in early innings, and a no-hitter in late innings as a questionable hit was later credited as an error by, the Official Scorer. 

Would Lester be the only pitcher in baseball history to go from a 1 hitter to a no hitter during the game until there was a legitimate hit against him in later innings?  It isn’t anything I have to know but, it occurred to me as I’m writing.

Anyway, as it turns out the call was reversed to an error but, the Braves attack in the 8th included a hit to break up the no hitter.

Getting back to Lester, it looked like he had more control over the baseball than he ever has had as a Cub.  He struck out 7 over 8+ innings.

Once again, I noticed that when Lester had more body motion before letting go of the pitch, he would throw a little ‘extra’ on the pitch.  It isn’t that he works from a full wind-up, it is more that extra kick on the stretch before the release.

The bench gave Lester 4 runs of support to win the contest but, it would be nice  to see the Cubs bats come alive, and working throughout a game as they’ve been a little quiet lately.

Could it be the Cubs offense takes a psychological rest with Lester, leaving a bit more of the game responsibilities on his arm?  This time, they came through with 4 runs which is more than the usual when Lester’s on the mound.  This time, Lester’s performance was excellent.

Look over the Box, and check out other wraps on the game on
The Cubs Home Page.


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