Tea For Two

It appeared there would be no victory celebrations for the Cubs after the first of two games with the Reds on Wednesday.

The first game was one we’d just like to forget.  So forget it.  Okay, I forgot this miserable 9-1 loss.  However, it looked like the  embarrassment was not over for the day as the Cubs were soon enduring a 5-0 deficit in the night cap.

The Cubs staged a comeback, and Taylor Teagarden would be called upon to put a lid on the Reds threat in the 9th inning. 

Teagarden had an opportunity on Tuesday, and missed the drive. 

This time would be different as he grabbed a stick, and teed off to drive it through to center scoring Rizzo, with Cubs run no. 6 to top the Reds, 6-5.

The embarrassment was a bit less than game one, and given to Cincinnati as they squandered an early 5 run lead.

Admittedly, not as much embarrassment but, embarrassment none the less.

Details of the day are offered by, the Official Cubs Home Page.

 The Cubs split the 4 game series, and split to Wrigley Field for visits by, Philadelphia, and Colorado.

What do you think?

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