Phillies Fill Up

The Philadelphia Phillies fill up the gas tank with 5 runs, and no-hit the Cubs.

Cole Hamels is the Phillies pitcher who no-hit the Cubs on Saturday.  That’s right.  You think the bench was soft when Lester was pitching?

Yesterday there was a pitching treat to watch at Wrigley Field by Cole Hamels as the Cubs could not score even one hit for the box let alone a run.  The details of the 5-0 Phillies victory are available on the 
Cubs Home Page

The last time the Cubs were no-hit was in 1965.

In 1965, I was a teen, living in a Los Angeles suburb, and a Dodgers fan.  I have vague memories of listening to Vin Scully announcing that game on KFI radio.  It would become one of Sandy Koufax’s 4 career no-hit games of which this one was perfect.

I could talk for ages about witnessing that mean ‘rainbow’ curve Koufax threw but, this isn’t about Sandy Koufax.

The Cubs have played 7000+ games since then without being the victims of a no-hitter.

You wouldn’t expect a no-hitter from Hamels but, I believe every pitcher at this level of baseball is capable of one.  Hamels proves my point.  You honestly would not expect it from him but, there is that possibility.

An encore Sunday performance by the Phillies, and Cubs is slated for a 1pm CT start at Wrigley Field.


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