Idiocy At U.S. Cellular Field

Plain, and simple.

We all congregate to watch a good baseball game.  We all have our favorites but, it doesn’t license fans to defame the game of baseball.  

A true baseball fan does not interfere with physical intervention of any kind.  It spoils the game for most other fans who are there to root for their respective teams but, also out of respect for the purity of a fair game played.

When a bottle was thrown on to left field near Kyle Schwarber, My immediate thought was; There’s got to be one. 

That fan would have been willing to purposely injure another human being over a game?  Really?  Willing to take the chance of severely curtailing someone’s opportunity to earn a living. 

People really live in a stupid stupor like that?

I suppose the ranting on this particular subject could continue on, and on but, let’s get back to what really matters.  The game of baseball.

The Cubs take their ‘W’ streak to 9 on Saturday night with details from
Your Official Cubs Home Page.


What do you think?

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