What a difference a day makes!  One day off,  and the Cubs ring the register with a big ‘W’ in a big way!

The Cubs were last looking at a loss that was so close to a win that got away but, but was a long time ago.  No mind on the last one.

Friday’s contest with Arizona took 5 Cubs pitchers to close but, no problem as the offense slapped some HRs accompanied with more hits, and strategic walks good for 14 runs.

One of those HRs was a four-slam by, Anthony Rizzo.  Two of those HRs belong to Addison Russell.

Lester was lifted with a very high pitch count after 5.

The Cubs need to take a second look at Lester in the off season.  Teach him to throw to the bag, and possibly sharpen up the mix.  Lester’s good but, could be much better than he is today.

Here are more details on Friday’s Cubs blow out at Wrigley Field on the Official Cubs Home Page.

MLB-tv sac-religiously sees fit to cut out some or all of  the traditional following of the fans singing, ‘Go Cubs Go’ although part of that problem belongs to the original network which also believes I’d rather listen to their closing theme.  This especially happens with Comcast broadcasts. 

The song belongs to all Cubs fans following every ‘W’ at Wrigley Field.  It’s part of the entire game!


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