It’s Not Easy Unless, …..It’s Easy But, It’s Not

A Cubs-Cardinals game isn’t easy.  There is no ‘unless’ in the equation.

I am nervous to the last out.  I mean it.  This is never good for my blood pressure.

On Saturday, the Cubs had a 5-1 lead at one point. 

It wasn’t until the top of the 9th that St. Louis decided to push my heart in to a stress mode as the Cards managed to bring the score to within 1 run. 

Now I can understand the bells, and whistles emanating from this medical equipment surrounding me. 

There was nobody out or, only one out.  Oh man, this is mix-up time for me.

The Cards were pushing the deck in the 9th.  And it finally ended after the Cards put 1 too few across in the 9th.

I’m right.  This is not easy.

Then I heard, and saw Russell put the topping on the game with a great defensive play, and the medical machinery was quiet, once again.

Russell’s superb game-ending defensive play is featured on the Cubs Official Home Page.


What do you think?

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