The regular season Sunday night baseball curtain is coming down around Wrigley tonight on ESPN as the Cubs take on the Pirates.

Local Cubs commentary will be lost to me on  Blackout rules.  The blackout rules need an insurance policy of reciprocity for the times when, a national telecast has several regional games.

MLB-tv  should at minimum simulcast all blacked-out national telecasts with regional variations.

Jake Arrieta is on the mound one more time for the home crowd.

Here’s what I’m hoping for from Arrieta.  Same as always.  Complete Game.  That’s all I’m hoping for.  Why?  With a complete game, it will mean Arrieta has an otherwise strong performance.  It means he pitches a gem!

Nobody has given me hope for the second coming of Sandy until now.  I was fortunate to watch Sandy Koufax pitch in the 1960s.

Today, it is Jake Arrieta who brings back the artistry of pitching.  Doing this with a flare means, to make it look easy even though it is anything but, easy.  Watching him work this year has been a treat, and I must admit,  prior stats did not sell me on Arrieta.

Mason Bumgarner comes to mind.  Also an artist but, Arrieta.  Well, Arrieta is a Cub!

Many pitchers in today’s game are artists but, only to a certain degree.  Arrieta brings back the artistry with a flare.

All this in tact, and the Cubs move on further to post-season play in a Wild-Card game.


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  1. Compwhiz 3001

    I will probably listen only tonight to the game on radio WBBM 780 AM. Hate national broadcasts of local games.


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