Royals Are Royal, Just Not Royal Enough

It was a scoreless tie on Monday night.  Kansas City was not about to lose a Royal  performance at Wrigley Field. 

In the 11th inning, Chris Denorfia was served a Royal pitch, and promptly laced it out of the park for an HR for the only run of the game, and the win.  The Royals not always Royal.

The home season ends  for the home crowd.  Sort of.  Obviously, Cubs fans are proud that the Cubs home park, Wrigley Field which has become a part of Americana.

The Cubs go on the road, and voila!  Ballparks on the road full of Cub fans.  Sometimes there was more blue in the seats than home club colors on the road however, ……….

The Cubs beat the Reds 4-1 to the chant of, ‘Go Cubs Go’ in Cincinnati.   Just some fans in the stands repeating the phrase over & over, and some fans vociferously singing in unison, ‘Let’s Go Cubbies’ several times during the game.   And the Cubs ‘W’ banner is unfurled in Cincinnati.  That has to be embarrassing to somebody.

Well okay, there is last night.  Lester pitched well…..pitching through 8, allowing just a run on 3 hits.adding up 9 Ks along the way.  Neil Ramirez took just one inning out of the bullpen allowing twice as many runs as Lester, on 1 hit.

I could add another ‘however’ right here but, I won’t.  I’ll add it here.  However, the Cubs would add 5 more runs in the 8th, and 9th. for a 10-3 ‘W.’

Let me cross you over to the Cubs Official Home Page for details on games during the past few days.  Plenty of videos, a preview of what’s next on the regular season, and the ‘Wild Card.’

What do you think?

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