It’s A 5 Game Series

Nobody’s won, or lost anything except 1 of the 5 games between the Chicago Cubs, and St. Louis Cardinals.

As usual, Jon Lester had the stats to back him up as the Cubs bench went virtually silent.  John Lackey had a no hitter for the St. Louis Cardinals through 6. 

While the Cubs were stymied, Lester was giving away the long ball in the early part of the game before settling down.  Pedro Strop also gave the
St. Louis woodsmen a crack at the long ball.
  Details of game 1 are on the Cubs Home Page.

Sure, yesterday’s loss puts the Cubs at a slight disadvantage but, there are 4 more games to play before we know who will be playing in the NL playoffs.

I am confident this Cubs team can pull out 3 of the next 4!

serveimageIn the 1st game, the TBS tv commentary  included a bit on the young club the Cubs have, and while marveling at their baseball talents, mentioned this is a team full of young players who just may not be aware they’re not suppose to be here, yet.

I understood where he might be coming from because I was hesitant about this youthful ball club but, Theo Epstein seems to know something I don’t know.  However, I don’t think he totally knew because he did ask the fans for patience as he wouldn’t be ready with a contender until, 2016.

Surprise for all of us!


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