Looking Forward Through History



Fly The W

Theo Epstein arrived in late 2011 to take the reigns of the Cubs, and take on a massive rebuild of the organization.

I was quite vocal on several fronts through the first several seasons  chastising the Grand Master of Wrigley through the last couple of seasons. 

And Epstein told all of us to be patient as there were no expectations for a Chicago Cubs contender until 2016.

I have called Theo Epstein out on a few specific points, and by my own count there is only one point that still sticks.  However, it doesn’t matter. 

I have come to the conclusion it is a good thing I’m a Cubs fan with an opinion, and Theo is at the helm of this organization.

Theo Epstein has arrived at the grand opening manifestation of this ‘dynasty’ he has prepared for Chicago Cubs fans.  A year earlier than expected.

Any apologies due, are enclosed here.  So back off Uncle Buck, and get back to class, Ferris Bueller.

I wasn’t very wrong, just mostly.  A lot mostly.


What do you think?

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