Proudly Flying The ‘W’

Cubs Need 4 To Win!

Sadly, Jon Lester is a better Pitcher than his W-L record shows.  For some reason, the bench goes relatively quiet when he’s on the mound.

Why?  I prefer to think there’s nothing behind it.    The best of benches go quiet sometimes.  It just seems strange that Lester seems to get the start more often when the Cubs bench is that quiet.  Just a phenomenon of the Universe.

Lester does allow runs as his ERA of 3.34 indicates.  That coupled with a quiet bench gives a result like last night’s game.

All of this introduction, and you might think this is a passive-aggressive way to introduce the Mets victory in game 1 of  7 in the NLCS.

We need to get past all of that, and play ball.   And you know what?  Mets beware!  Today you face the ace!

Jake Arrieta gets tonight’s start in New York.

The bench usually comes out of their mystical disappearance from major activity.  The Cubs always come back.  They’ll be coming back in a big way in game 2, tonight.

Go Cubs Go!


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